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De kleine Verhuizer for all your removals around Amsterdam

Are you about to move to, from, or within Amsterdam and want to entrust this to a Recognized Moving Company or in Dutch an Erkende Verhuizer? Look no further, De kleine Verhuizer is the right choice. Easily request a completely non-binding custom quote through our website. Whether it’s a small or large move, senior relocation, clearance, business move, or removal with storage, we gladly take on the task for you!

Stress-free relocations with a Recognized Moving Company in Amsterdam

At De kleine Verhuizer, we understand that moving in Amsterdam can sometimes be stressful, but it’s unnecessary. We have over 26 years of experience with all types of moves in all districts of Amsterdam. Additionally, De Kleine Verhuizer is a Recognized Moving Company, and with our years of experience, we have the expertise to guide you throughout the entire moving process. On the moving day itself, our movers always bring a positive atmosphere, ensuring a relaxed move. Our movers are not only known as hard workers but also as ‘The Cheerful Movers.’ The combination of workplace enjoyment and professional work is always central to us. We love our profession, and you’ll notice it during your move. In every move, we ensure that the task is executed swiftly and efficiently, but we still pay attention to all the necessary details. Thanks to our professional service, your move with De Kleine Verhuizer will be smooth and worry-free from start to finish.

Challenges during Moves in Amsterdam

Despite the beautiful living conditions in Amsterdam, the moving process often presents some challenges. Examples include narrow streets where trucks cannot pass, one-way roads along the canals, and narrow staircases in the buildings. It’s also common to move above shops or in pedestrian areas where car traffic is not allowed. Perhaps the biggest challenge in Amsterdam is finding parking space in front of the door. As a moving company in Amsterdam, we deal with this daily, and therefore, we know exactly how to handle it. We often apply for a permit or exemption for the move and use one of our three moving lifts. With our diverse fleet, including three trucks, two box trucks, and two vans, we always have the right moving vehicle available for you.

Moving services around Amsterdam

At De Kleine Verhuizer, we can assist you on even more fronts than just moving your belongings. You can explore the additional moving services through the menu below.

Service Area for Moves in Amsterdam

De kleine Verhuizer is active daily throughout the entire Amsterdam region. This allows us to respond quickly and usually provide you with a quote for your removal within one working day. If a permit or exemption is required for your removal, we can, of course, arrange this for you with the Amsterdam municipality.

We carry out weekly moves in all districts of Amsterdam. From there, we also handle many moves to and from Alkmaar, Amstelveen, Bloemendaal, Haarlem, Santpoort-Noord, and Zandvoort.

Why we are the best moving company in Amsterdam for you

De kleine Verhuizer has been active in the moving industry since 1996 and is known for hard work, excellent service, and being the happiest moving company in the Netherlands. We treat your belongings with the utmost care, and since 2022, we are affiliated with the organization of Recognized Movers. This ensures that our staff is always well-trained, and during your move, an experienced and certified foreman will be present. The foreman will coordinate the move, ensuring the highest quality according to the standards of the Recognized Mover. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong during your move, your belongings are always well-insured through the Recognized Mover’s guarantee certificate.

Do you have any questions about your move or would you like to request a personalized, no-obligation quote?

Then, please fill out the quote request form below, and we will contact you within one business day with a no-obligation quote!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The costs for a move in How much does a move cost in Amsterdam can vary significantly as they depend on numerous factors. For a personalized, non-binding quote, you can easily reach out to us through the ‘quote request‘ form

Our preference is for you to fill out the ‘quote request‘ form on our website. This allows us to directly gather your information, and if necessary, schedule a quote visit with you from there. We always respond within one business day

For a non-binding quote, it’s best to fill in the ‘quote request‘ form. We will then reach out to you within one business day.

Alternatively, you can email us at info@kleineverhuizer.nl, message us via WhatsApp at +31 06 555 784 67 or give us a call at +31 0255 537 532.

A custom quote from De kleine Verhuizer is always entirely non-binding and free of charge.

The earlier you know the moving date, the more options you’ll have in selecting a day. The last week of the month is usually booked up first, so it’s advisable to secure that slot in advance. We always strive to find the earliest possible moving date for you; in many cases, this can even be within the same week.

The price of moving a single item is based on an hourly rate. The rate depends on the number of movers required and the distance to be traveled.

When opting for a fully serviced move by De kleine Verhuizer, a moving elevator is always included if necessary. This speeds up the move and reduces manual lifting. The costs for solely renting a moving elevator are determined based on the number of movers required and the duration needed to travel to the moving location.

Each move is unique and therefore cannot be directly compared. The costs are calculated per move based on estimated labor time, travel time, and services provided. You can obtain a completely non-binding quote through the ‘quote request‘ form.

For most moves, no special permit or exemption is necessary. However, it should be requested if a street closure is required, parking spaces need to be reserved, and in some cases when moving within pedestrian zones. If needed, De kleine Verhuizer can take care of this for you.

Anyone moving with De kleine Verhuizer can order packing materials through the webshop. The packing materials are typically delivered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM. Alternatively, the packing materials can be picked up from De kleine Verhuizer without an appointment.

De kleine Verhuizer has been a Recognized Mover since 2022, ensuring expertly trained staff for a professional moving experience. In the unlikely event of any mishap, you are always well insured through the Recognized Mover’s collective insurance.

“In addition to large and small moves, De kleine Verhuizer also provides other moving services in Amsterdam, including business relocations, moving elevator rentals, and clearances.”

Yes, clearing out and leaving homes in a broom-clean condition are part of the core tasks of De kleine Verhuizer. Reusable household items can be delivered to a thrift store by arrangement, and the remaining items are taken to a waste processing facility.

BartBox self-storage is also part of De kleine Verhuizer. We offer two storage facilities with storage units available in various sizes. Storing your belongings temporarily before, during, or after a move is easily accommodated.

For relocations with interim storage, there is no minimum period. However, for self-storage, there is a minimum period of 1 month. After this, the storage unit can be terminated on a daily basis without a notice period.

If necessary, De kleine Verhuizer can disassemble and reassemble most furniture items for you. A specially trained handyman accompanies the moving crew on the moving day. The handyman service is also available for booking separately from the moving service.

For a completely stress-free move, our trained staff can pack your belongings a day before the moving date. Unpacking can also be arranged by De kleine Verhuizer, although we recommend doing this yourself to ensure all items are placed directly in their intended spots in the new home.

During every move, we only use the best quality materials. Each moving truck comes equipped with furniture rollers, moving blankets, stretch wrap, and packing tape. Additionally, De kleine Verhuizer has 3 moving elevators, piano dollies, and threshold ramps. For moving boxes, only the best quality autolock boxes are used.

Indeed, business relocations and project moves are conducted throughout the region. For further details or a non-committal quote, please get in touch via the ‘quote request‘ form.

De kleine Verhuizer has 3 trucks, 2 box trucks, 2 vans and 3 moving elevators. Hence, there is always a suitable moving truck available for every type of relocation.

Absolutely, De kleine Verhuizer has a brand new Mercedes Actros truck with a sleeper cabin designed specifically for international moves. Additionally, various other sizes of moving trucks are available for relocations to Belgium, Germany, and France.

Upon arrangement, it’s nearly possible to have a move carried out by De kleine Verhuizer on almost any day of the year.

De kleine Verhuizer is part of the Recognized Movers organization, ensuring your belongings are always well insured through the Recognized Mover’s guarantee certificate

On De kleine Verhuizer moving tips page, you can view and download the checklist, accessible through ‘Moving Tips

The better prepared a move is, the more time saved, resulting in more cost-effectiveness. For instance, you can choose to dismantle cabinets and beds yourself and ensure that all items are properly prepared. All small items should be packed in boxes.

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